22.05.2018 · Mindfire Foundation

Mission-1: What’s Next?

The ideas from Mission-1 are carefully reviewed and evaluated by Mindfire Advisory Board members.

Based on the outcomes of Mission-1 – set the mode of collaboration and conceptualize carrier systems and modules for artificial intelligence – the Mindfire Foundation in collaboration with the Mindfire Advisory Board Members and a number of partners is workings towards solutions to further develop the ideas generated during Mission-1. This includes the development of prototypes such as drones, robots, organisms and other carrier systems for AI. The Mindfire Foundation is planning to launch Mission-2 later in 2018 and will publish dates shortly. Here is the approximate timeline for the rest of 2018:

Mid-June 2018

Post-Processing of Mission-1: Talent, coach and advisory board surveys, review of ideas and prototype concepts

End of June 2018

Start of private sale of Mindfire Token

July 2018

Release of dates of Mission-2, further development of ideas from Mission-1, appointment of new partners

August 2018

Pre-sale of Mindfire Token & Preparation for Mission-2: selection and appointment of scientific partners

September/October 2018

Initial Token Offering: Mindfire Token MFT

October 2018

Completion of selection process for Mission-2

November 2018


Mission-2: Application now open