01.10.2018 · Mindfire Foundation

The Mindfire private placement is live

We offer the opportunity to contribute to Mindfire and the decoding of human intelligence at an early stage through a private placement round under individual, negotiable terms.

Contributors will receive Tokens during the private placement, where Talents will receive Tokens upon completion of future Missions. Mindfire Tokens are intended for Missions 1-10 and will be minted on a one-off basis. Contributors and Talents can conduct smart contract-based transactions with each other or other Token holders who have earnt Tokens by participating in, and contributing to the Mindfire Missions. This forms an economic and scientific ecosystem that rewards the Mindfire community for conducting and sharing their research at Missions, the AI Lab or through AI University programs. It also creates a transparent and trust based peer to peer network.

Beyond the funding provided by contributors in exchange for Mindfire Tokens during the Token Sale, Mindfire is also open to attracting corporate and non-corporate sponsors. The uniqueness of the Mindfire vision and approach, has already gained financial and other means of support of a number of Europe based globally active corporations, business associations as well as Swiss local Government. Sponsors will eventually benefit from the exchange with the Mindfire Talent Network, as well as from the bridge between business and academia that Mindfire will create. Mindfire will mint 1,600 million tokens. MFT will have a list price of $0.05. In total, 640 million tokens are available during the private placement, which accounts for 40% of the total number of tokens.

No public sale

Recent developments in the European union  indicate that tokens such as the Mindfire tokens are deemed as securities and can therefore only be offered to less than 149 investors per EU-country. We have therefore taken the decision that rather than putting the future Missions and activities at risk, we will not hold a public sale of MIndfire Tokens. Due to the delay caused by regulatory obstacles, Mindfire will keep the private placement open until Q1 2019. Please visit https://ito.mindfire.global/ for more information about the MIndfire Token,