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Understanding the principles of human intelligence.

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Mindfire in a nutshell

The Mindfire Foundation is a Swiss non-profit which is focused on understanding the foundational principles which make up human intelligence, and applying those principles to the development of artificially intelligent organisms.

Mindfire aims to achieve this through the implementation of a series of Missions. Each mission gathers the top minds across various fields of science, to collaborate and brainstorm solutions to a structured series of challenges. The first of which is the creation of an artificial organism.

Participants of Mindfire missions are credited with their contributions through a blockchain based format (patent filed & pending), designed specifically to track and attribute intellectual property. The overall discoveries which take place during Mindfire Missions, will remain independent of any corporate ownership and serve for the betterment of all of society.



New approach to A.I.

  • We are looking in the wrong place

    Artificial intelligence hasn’t made progress for decades. Despite recent technical advances, there are many simple things that computers cannot do.

  • We are working in isolation

    Today, in all likelihood, scientific work is conducted in siloed institutions without real incentives to work with other labs or individuals.

  • We don’t know what A.I. will be used for

    No grand, objective purpose for A.I. has been set that surpasses what can be achieved through incremental improvements to current technology.


The Mindfire Solution

Integrated research approach

The Mindfire Foundation aims to achieve a full understanding of the underlying principles of human intelligence through an interdisciplinary approach.

Incentivized scientific collaboration

Mindfire incentivizes collaboration between talents across disciplines through a blockchain based token.

A.I. for humankind

Mindfire will leverage newly developed intellectual property to harness social good and accelerating the U.N.'s Sustainable Development Goals.


How Mindfire works

Mindfire Foundation

The Mindfire Foundation, set up as a Swiss non-profit, is focused on understanding the foundational principles which makes up human intelligence, and applying those principles to harness social good and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

Missions and Network

Mindfire is comprised of a series of ‘missions’: a select number of talents will gather in Davos, Switzerland and together explore the principles that govern human intelligence. Each mission builds on the findings of the previous mission. The findings of Mindfire missions can be enhanced, further developed or challenged in between of Mindfire missions through an open digital research and idea network, the Mindfire Network.

Blockchain Integration

Mindfire implements a computer-implemented cryptographic token-based system configured to manage proposed events and actions associated with the Mindfire Foundation via smart contracts on a blockchain. The cryptographic fingerprint of each participant's contributions and discoveries will be stored on a blockchain allowing everyone to be fairly and directly recognized for new ideas.