Category: Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Mankind

Where will the rapid development of technologies, which we experience every day in all areas of life and literally on our own bodies, lead us?

14.03.2018 · Prof. Dr. Edy Portmann

The Neural Code: Road Block on the Way to AI

Conceptually, artificial intelligence hasn’t made progress for decades. There evidently is a roadblock, some kind of prejudice is keeping us from seeing the grand picture.

23.02.2018 · Prof. Dr. Christoph von der Malsburg

True AI cannot be developed until the ‘brain code’ has been cracked

True AI does not yet exist, and it won't until companies stop comparing the human brain with computers.

09.08.2017 · Tas Bindi

The big puzzle

Everyone talks about artificial intelligence – and yet, it doesn’t even exist, according to Pascal Kaufmann.

17.04.2017 · Pascal Hügli & Rino Borini