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Pascal Kaufmann among Switzerland’s top Digital Shapers 2018

Pascal Kaufmann is named top Digital Shaper 2018

30.09.2018 · Mindfire Foundation

The Mindfire Token System: Generating Shared Rewards

Through smart contracts, the Mindfire platform creates a community of innovators.

27.08.2018 · Mindfire Foundation

Human-Level AI: The Final Frontier

Most ‘so called’ AI systems contain no more intelligence than it’s human programmer. However, Mindfire was created to change this.

23.08.2018 · Mindfire Foundation

Become a Mindfire Talent

Apply now to become a Mindfire Talent and a chance to join our upcoming Mission to work alongside fellow Talents and experts on the most cutting-edge challenges in AI!

17.08.2018 · Mindfire Foundation

Mindfire White Paper Published: First Insights into Tokenomics

Upon integrating latest insights and learnings from Mission-1 and early investors, we are thrilled to publish the completely revised Mindfire White Paper.

16.08.2018 · Mindfire Foundation

Update on White Paper & Roadmap

We were very fortunate to receive the feedback from Mindfire Talents, advisory board members and investors. Currently, we are integrating a number of changes into the white paper.

16.07.2018 · Mindfire Foundation

Mission-1: a Coach’s Perspective

The Mindfire Foundation gathered some of the most talented thinkers from around the world and across disciplines for a mission to launch an effort to ‘crack the brain code’.

23.05.2018 · Dan Lovy

Mission-1: What’s Next?

The ideas from Mission-1 are carefully reviewed and evaluated by Mindfire Advisory Board members.

22.05.2018 · Mindfire Foundation

United in Diversity: Talents for Mindfire Mission-1

A firing vision, a unique program and highly motivated people: On May 15, Pascal Kaufmann, Christoph von der Malsburg, Lukas Sieber and a selection of the Mission-1 talents presented first outcomes at a media roundtable.

16.05.2018 · Mindfire Foundation

Mission 1: Meet Mindfire Talents

The Mindfire Foundation is about to enter the global race for artificial intelligence by uniting the world’s brightest experts to collectively identify the principles that govern human intelligence.

08.05.2018 · Mindfire Foundation