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Mindfire and SingularityNET to unite the leading talents in human-level artificial intelligence

The Mindfire Foundation and SingularityNET announced a strategic partnership to select the best talents.

31.07.2018 · Mindfire Foundation

Mindfire Mission-1: Recap

More than thirty talents and 16 world-renowned experts teamed up to discover the principles of artificial intelligence.

18.06.2018 · Mindfire Foundation

Mission-1: a Talent’s Perspective

Caitlin E. Krause, Mindfire Talent, documents the experience along the way

22.05.2018 · Caitlin E. Krause

Mission-1: Impressions

Sparking the Mindfire

14.05.2018 · Mindfire Foundation

Mission 1: Meet Mindfire Talents

The Mindfire Foundation is about to enter the global race for artificial intelligence by uniting the world’s brightest experts to collectively identify the principles that govern human intelligence.

08.05.2018 · Mindfire Foundation

Mission-1: Talents

Get the overview

19.04.2018 · Lukas Sieber

Meet Alexis M. Saucy, Mindfire Talent

Interview with Alexis M. Saucy, Neuroscience Master Student, ETH Zurich & RIKEN Brain Science Institute

13.03.2018 · Alexis M. Saucy

Meet Marco Fernandez, Mindfire Talent

Interview with Marco Fernandez, Data Science, Math & IT , currently working for the Canadian seed-stage program Creative Destruction Lab

13.03.2018 · Marco Fernandez