Become a GRAIL Scientist

Talents are key to the success of Mindfire. GRAIL is open to all interested candidates, irrespective of academic credentials, nationalities, race or age. To become a GRAIL scientist, review the requirements and selection process and submit your application.

After a successful application talents become part of the talent pool and will be informed about next steps.

Application Process:


Fair Recognition of Scientific Contribution 

The Mindfire Foundation’s IP recognition approach (patent filed) allows to create a digital trail of records of scientists’ and talents’ innovation processes using blockchain technology.

Ideas, designs, and proofs of concept can be quickly registered to obtain blockchain certificates that prove ownership, existence and integrity of any intellectual property assets and original concept. This allows the Mindfire Foundation to recognize scientific contributions in a fair manner. All created intellectual property rights will be protected with great care by the Mindfire Foundation, which owns and manages such rights. The Mindfire foundation collaborates with the Mindfire Inc which powers GAIA-I and helps talents to further develop promising concept and ideas.