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Human-Level AI: The Final Frontier


Human-Level AI: The Final Frontier

Most ‘so called’ AI systems contain no more intelligence than it’s human programmer. However, Mindfire was created to change this.

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Human-level AI is still currently beyond our reach. Today, governments and corporations are pouring billions into reaching this final frontier. However, a fast growing number of scientist have resigned from their posts due the lack of qualitative progress in AI. Mindfire brings a fresh approach to create a paradigm shift, accelerating our progress in AI to create a breakthrough as quickly as possible. Mindfire will move away from a siloed approach and instead engages a multi-disciplinary global community, to ensure a laser focused approach to developing human level AI resulting in wider societal benefits.

AI Progress: A Great Thing For Humanity

The prospect of creating machines that truly think raises a number of ethical questions. How to do we ensure that they don’t harm humans or other forms of life? What is the moral or societal status of thinking machines? Could unlocking the brain code lead to intelligent organisms reprograming themselves with destructive elements?

However stagnated the progression of AI has been, Mindfire’s goal is to not only catapult the development of this technology, but also to ensure it’s inevitable progression is developed by leaders in the field with strong ethical governance throughout the process from a diverse board of stakeholders. Given the misinformation and hype surrounding AI, it is also especially important to create a strong fact-based dialogue with the public as we progress, to help people understand how AI will impact our lives and its implications for our society.

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