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President of the Government Council Zurich calls for roundtable at Escher’s Belvoirpark – Mindfire proposes to build a NASA for AI

21.07.2019 – NZZ am Sonntag 

On the ooccasion of the 50 years’ jubilee of the Moonlanding – The Spirit of Apollo is carried on with Mindfire
16.07.2019 – Sagan Series

The ultimate quest for the Brain Code: Interview with Pascal Kaufmann
19.03.2019 – Beobachter

Why we should build human-level artificial intelligence

03.12.2018 · TechRepublic

Interview with Pascal Kaufmann, Founder & President, Mindfire
08.11.2018 · AiThority

Mindfire inspiring research into AI
17.05.2018 · Greater Zurich Area

Dieser 19-Jährige will dein Hirn entschlüsseln

17.05.2018 · 20 Minuten

Auf der Jagd nach Geistesblitzen

17.05.2018 · BLICK – Daniel Kellenberger

Intelligenza artifiziala – sulet ina dumonda dal temp
16.05.2018 · Gionduri Maissen RTR

Künstliche Intelligenz: Die Mindfire Foundation will den fehlenden Funken zünden
16.05.2018 ·

Ist hier ein «World Intelligence Forum» im Entstehen?
14.05.2018 · Barbara Gassler, Davoser Zeitung

Mindfire Foundation and Bernstein form new strategic partnership
16.03.2018 · Mindfire Foundation

The Greater Zurich Area has an excellent reputation in the field of Artificial Intelligence
12.03.2018 · Yvonne from Hunnius

Gipfeltreffen der Super-Intelligenz
26.01.2018 · Stefan Betschon

What Happens When Drones Can Think for Themselves

24.01.2018 · Sylvia Lafair

The State of Artificial Intelligence in a Nutshell

02.01.2018 · reatch

Cracking the brain code and creating true A.I.

27.12.2017 · TechTalks

How the Mindfire Foundation could unify the AI research community

22.12.2017 · TechRepublic

A Global Collaboration to Create “Artificial Organisms” Just Went Live

17.11.2017 · Patrick Caughill

The AI Hype

03.07.2017 · Pascal Kaufmann