Mindfire Missions

Creating a dynamic and supportive environment.


Mindfire will launch one or more missions per year and each mission builds on the findings of the previous mission. Mindfire missions will be structured by key intelligence research topics, such as cellular autmaton, artificial organisms, artificial neural networks, and robotics and led by leading researchers in the fields of Neuroscience, A.I. and Ethics.

Mindfire’s scientific advisory boards will define the goal of each mission and support the talents throughout. Leading AI researchers and innovation coaches will act as mentors. There will be no hierarchies, only a shared sense of purpose. Mindfire’s ethics board ensures that all findings are in the public domain.

Talents are key to the success of Mindfire, and they will be selected based on their potential contribution to the mission. Mindfire is open to all interested candidates, irrespective of academic credentials. Travel, accommodation and all activities are fully covered by the Mindfire Foundation. Talents will be rewarded with Mindfire Tokens.

Location & Date



May 12-16, 2018


InterContinental Davos
Baslerstrasse 9
7260 Davos Dorf

Program & Timeline

Mindfire Missions research the principles that underlie human intelligence. Selected talents can pursue topics in depth, with mentorship available in areas such as Neuroscience, AI Robotics and Ethics. Talents explore technologies first-hand during Mindfire Missions, which features 3D printers, robots, virtual reality headsets, drones, and a broad range of software and prototyping tools.

Mindfire also provides talents with a set of proven tools for leveraging these technologies and nimble innovation practices.

Why apply?

  • Becoming a Mindfire participant is an unparalleled scientific opportunity. Team up with fellow talents across scientific disciplines and you will have unfettered access to the cross pollination of ideas with the same focused goal.

  • Mindfire, as a non-profit, is not tied to any corporation or bottom-line expectations of results. Mindfire talents will learn and engage for a greater good and to accelerate the U.N.'s Sustainable Development Goals.

  • The Mindfire Foundation’s patented blockchain based format allows contributions from each talent to be securely and accurately recorded in order to recognize and award contributions fairly.