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About the Mindfire Network

While the Mindfire Missions serve as the central hub for the research of the foundational principles which makes up human intelligence, Mindfire’s findings can be enhanced, further developed or challenged in between of Mindfire missions through an open research and idea network, the Mindfire Network. The Mindfire Network is powered by the latest self-learning collaboration technology and aims at connecting the expertise of the leading figures in relevant fields. The network’s self-learning algorithm finds the right expert to answer any question at any time. The Mindfire Network matches questions with real solutions from direct human input, maps the expertise within the network and creates a dynamic memory to leverage critical know-how.

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  • How to join?

    To become a Mindfire Global Network member, simply sign up and help to ask and answer questions.

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    Your knowledge is unique. Share it, and put it to use. Mindfire will award tokens to the most useful contributions.