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Team and Advisory Boards

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Mindfire Advisory Boards

The Mindfire advisory boards are constituted to complement and strengthen the existing Mindfire board of directors. They are no substitute for the statutory boards of directors. They are free to concentrate their energies on their core role, namely to complement the main board by providing specialist experience, knowledge and contacts not readily available elsewhere. Our advisory board is an amalgam of individuals that are there fundamentally to provide advisory services.

  • Ethics Board

    It is the goal of the Ethics Board to advise the Mindfire foundation on how the strategy and challenges out of the missions are ethically aligned. The members provide expert guidance to the foundation, paying particular attention to the possible social impact of the findings.

  • AI Board

    The AI Board evaluates and proposes a strategy for Mindfire to get access to the best AI research available worldwide. Its mission is to develop a collaboration strategy with research bodies and organizations active in the area of artificial intelligence. Together with the other boards the members suggest new challenges for the mission and help evaluate the results of the teams during missions.

  • Neuroscience Board

    The Neuroscience Board helps Mindfire by inspiring with ideas and perspectives floating in the realm of neuroscientific and cognitive research and grounding of upcoming hypotheses relative to known facts.

  • Talents Board

    The Talent Board attracts the best international talents for completing the Mindfire mission(s). Dealing with complex phenomena, as Mindfire is, means to overcome categories and methodologies to interconnect them with one other, by broadening the horizons of the various involved talents to get things done. This is our boards mission, of course, always in consultation with the other boards.


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