Blockchain-based incentivized scientific collaboration.

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Mindfire deploys a blockchain-based token, the Mindfire Token (MFT) incentivizing talents to collaborate beyond traditional labs and allowing them to be fairly and directly recognized for new ideas and concepts. MFT can be either acquired by investors (sponsors) or earned by talents (re-searchers) for participating in, and contributing to the Mindfire Missions (research projects).
Mindfire forms an economic and scientific ecosystem that rewards talents for conducting and sharing their research in the Mindfire Platform: all created intellectual property rights will be protected with great care by the Mindfire Foundation, which owns, manages and commercializes such rights. Holders of MFT will participate in the proceeds from the commercialization of the intellectual property rights and are entitled to voting rights regarding the use of intellectual property rights by the IP company, to ensure that the use of the valuable intellectual property rights is legitimized by a large number of people.

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March 2017

First Draft of the Mindfire Token

August 2017

U.S. patent filed for cryptographic token-based system

November 2017

Mindfire Foundation officially launched

Q1/Q2 2018

Mindfire Whitepaper

May 2018

Mindfire Mission-1

Q4 2018 / Q1 2019

Private Placement

Q1/2 2019

Mindfire Mission-2