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    Unlock the principles of human intelligence and solve science's greatest challenges.


About Mindfire

What Mindfire does :

Mindfire tackles human level artificial intelligence with the goal to advance cutting-edge research for the benefit of humankind. We believe that modern technology and latest insights in artificial intelligence and collaboration technology call for a paradigm shift of how research is conducted. By the rise of the internet and advances in latest collaboration technology, it’s possible for the first time in human history to unite thousands of talents and to collaboratively solve some of the biggest challenges of our time.


How Mindfire works:

Mindfire unites top talents and researchers across various fields of science in the Mindfire Platform to tackle, extract and apply the principles of intelligence. Mindfire scientists build an international problem-solving network to systematically grow relevant know-how and build tangible prototypes.

The Mindfire Talent Network

Our network includes talents from leading research institutions: